My name is Silver Ringvee. I am an expert in digital analytics, user behavior analysis and A/B testing.

I help companies measure and improve their KPI-s by creating advanced testing and tracking systems. To allow better reporting and analysis, I create custom visualizations and dashboards.

As you continue reading this page, you will see that I've managed to be part of a lot of great projects and worked with many amazing companies. Besides analytical skills, this has given me a good understanding of how those businesses work.

Should you have any questions or if you'd like to hire me, don't hesitate writing me on silverringvee@gmail.com.

Tools and Technologies

Over the past 7 years I have helped both startups and large enterprises grow with the following list of tools and technologies:

PS: I've used these on a professional level in my daily work.

Digital Analytics

I've set up, audited, fixed and managed over 150 installations

A/B & MVT Testing

I've run thousands of tests on 60+ websites

Tag Management

I built a GA+GTM-based A/B testing platform that has served experiments on over a billion user sessions

User Behavior Analysis & User Feedback

I'm the founder and CTO of the fully-featured analysis platform you'll see first in this list

Data Science & Data Visualisation

I've built 50+ custom dashboards

Cloud Computing

I'm the CTO of Relfective Data and designed the infrastructure that is collecting data from billions of user sessions

Web Development

I've been part of 100+ of web projects, including some major e-commerce stores

Work Experience